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Below are testimonials and reviews from actual BezelEase users.

Me gusta la herramienta
Me gusta la herramienta. Hace muy buenos biseles en mis joyas. Yo recomiendo.
Solid tool
I was surprised at the quality of the tool. I was expecting it to arrive in a plastic baggie, but got a solid gift box. The video gave enough information for a beginner like me to make a beautiful bezel pendant.  
I can’t believe how simple it is to make castellated bezels.
I have tried making castellated bezels using a scribe and a saw not easy and then with a gauge tool which was clumsy to handle. BezelEase let me saw perfect slots and finish a beautiful bezel. It was really easy. I would recommend this tool.
I’m excited to have this and just starting to use it.
I just received delivery of my tool. It took four or five days after my order to come.  I’m impressed by the build quality and the nice clear instructions. This tool is both simple and inspired and I’m surprised no one has developed this before but it’s a real game changer. The instructions recommend running a lubricated saw blade through the slots before using the first time. I did that and the tool works without any problems or binding. I'm getting nice clean cuts.Once I play with it some more, I will post some pictures here and on Facebook.
Awesome New Tool
Great tool to make castellated bezels. Well made and easy to use. Works great for thick and thin metal. I’m sure it will get a lot of use.
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BezelEase™ is a precision tool engineered to help you quickly and easily create fancy, castellated or serrated bezels for your jewelry and crafts.

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