BezelEase Quick Start

First you'll cut the top of the bezel. Secure your strip of bezel material in the BezelEase™ vise. Use spacers if desired.

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Carefully make your cuts. Do NOT cut through the material or you will need to start over!

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Once your first set of cuts is complete, you may need to reposition the bezel material to make additional cuts.
Loosen the screw fasteners, slide the cut metal piece to the end of the vise and carefully line up the cuts with the slots.

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TIP: Some users place the saw into a slot to help line up the material. The more precisely you line up the previous cuts to the calibrated slots, the better your finished bezel will look.

When you are finished the cuts on the top, remove the material. Rotate it 90 degrees and put it back in the BezelEase™ vise. Carefully line up the cuts with the slots and tighten the screw fasteners.

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It should look something like this:

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Carefully use your saw blade to score the material to the desired depth.
[The red marks show where the material is scored; the white space above is from the cuts in Steps 2 and 3 above.]
Don't cut too deeply or you'll cut the bezel into pieces!

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Continue with your cuts and reposition the material as needed. When the cuts are complete, remove your completed bezel strip from the BezelEase™.

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With a bit of practice, you'll create perfect bezels every time!

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BezelEase™ is a precision tool engineered to help you quickly and easily create fancy, castellated or serrated bezels for your jewelry and crafts.

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